May 20, 2010

Actor | Comedian

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In the Movie Director post, I promised that a young man named Kareem that would be next. More or less true to my word, here he is.

As detailed in Movie Director post, Kareem and I grew up in Highland Park together. Though the title of  this photo is Actor | Director, it could have just as accurately have been called Straight Fool.

Kareem has always had a irrepressible comedic exuberance.  This innate comedic sensibility has undoubtedly been the drive behind Kareem's comedic ambitions. 

That ambition drove Kareem to move to California in pursuit of his entertainment career.  That ambition has also earned Kareem small appearances in several movies, performances at comedy clubs both in Detroit and California and the admiration of fellow Detroit expatriate and MTV Wild n' Out alum Carlos "Spanky" Hayes - who Kareem describes as a friend and mentor.

"I'm on the grind, man!," Kareem exclaimed.

I can relate. That's why I'm posting this entry at 3:30 in the gotdamn morning like I aint got no gotdamn day job.

When you have an innate need to communicate, you are never truly happy until you create the opportunity to do so.

Follow Kareem's grind on his Facebook page.

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Unknown said...

Gotdamn I love this blog! And here I sit, reading every post as though I aint got a gotdamn job or thing to do...

Badass pics man.