July 26, 2016

Samuel [commissioned by Credit Karma]

"Credit gives you access to opportunity." 
- Samuel, 30

E'lexis [commissioned by Credit Karma]

"I monitor my score. If I do something that makes it go down, I don't do that thing again!"
- E'lexis, 20

Andre [commissioned by Credit Karma]

"A good score means I pay less for loans." 
- Andre, 30

Brianna [commissioned by Credit Karma]

"I haven't check my score yet, but I know it's important" 
- Brianna, 20

Zoe [commissioned by Credit Karma]

"I use Credit Karma to see how specific financial decisions will impact my score." 
- Zoe, 23

Carlton [commissioned by Credit Karma]

"I boosted my score by getting charges I did not make removed!" 
- Carlton, 20