Important Info for Mac Users

A color space is like a language for computer monitors. If two monitors are not speaking the same "language" then there will be a miscommunication.

This miscommunication on a computer display manifests as shifts in color accuracy; what I "speak" as "blue" may be heard on your monitor as a blue with a yellow hue. For everyone to see the same colors, everyone has to be using the same color space.

The default color space for the internet is sRBG. PCs automatically use this space. Macs, however, use Color LCD. Why Apple uses a color space that is not used by most of the internet is beyond me. But we can fix that.

To properly view photos on the internet, you have to change the default Mac color space.

Please go to System Preferences => Display => Color => sRBG


Anonymous said...

I tried this and it made my screen look very blue, washed out and faded.

The People of Detroit said...

That's because you're used to looking at Apple's default setting which has a very yellow color cast. I promise you, sRGB is correct profile to have, if you are interested in looking at photos on the net.

If you don't believe me, believe Apple:

"Some images that do not contain color profiles might appear darker in Mac OS X v10.6 than they did in earlier versions of Mac OS X. Adding the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile or Adobe RGB (1998) profile to these images lets them display correctly."

- Noah