May 21, 2010

Vine Owner

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Since I decided to publish to The People of Detroit daily, I've been especially motivated to get out everyday and make new portraits. Which reminds me.

Never approach a stranger and ask if you can "make their portrait."  Though the term is well understood among photographer auteurs who want to emphasize that they are not merely "taking" a picture - not merely clicking the shutter - but that they are thoughtfully blending different ingredients to "make" a photo, the general public has no ideal what you mean.

I explained my project and asked Charli (sp?) if I could make her portrait, and she quickly responded that she was on her way to work and didn't have time for me to draw a picture of her.


I apologized for using photographerese and explained that I wanted to take her picture with a camera.

After "making" a few frames, I told Charli that I usually include a caption with my images that usually explains the subject's occupation, interests, or role within the community.

"Oh. Ok, I'm the owner of the Vine Bar."

The name of the bar didn't ring any bells with me. But, I'm not exactly a social butterfly so I decided to ask a couple of friends if they knew where the Vine Bar was?


So, I went home and googled it.


Finally, I was a lil restless around 11:30 p.m.  I decided to play a hunch...

I thought maybe I misheard her and that she had infact said "Wine Bar"  The only wine bar I know of downtown is Enoteca on the corner of Woodward and Cadillac Square.

I got my bike out and played my hunch. Sure enough, there was a side walk sign in front of what used to be Enoteca:

"Vine Bar".

Got damn, I'm smart.

So there you have it. This is Charli and she owns the the Vine Bar.


Anonymous said...

So, what played into your decision on how you would "make" her portrait? (Or anyone else's, for that matter.)

The People of Detroit said...

Hmm.... I thought she had a interesting look.

My guidelines for this project are people with an interesting look, and interesting story, or an interesting place in the community

Unknown said...

Damn - you've gotta school me on how to approach complete strangers and walk away with a picture. It has crossed my mind that so far, I have only seen your success and none of your failures...

Maybe you have pictures of the back of people walking away in defiance?

Nah - you probably don't.