October 21, 2010


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Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Detroit Economics Club's Transformation Detroit media event at the behest of the good people at the Detroit Regional News Hub (if you are interested in Detroit-centric news, give these folks a look. A real group of class A folks).

The purpose of Transformation Detroit was to provide local, national, and international media an unvarnished look at Detroit's state of affairs - especially as it relates to people making innovative cultural and business strives here in the city. After the media event at The Detroit Economic Club, I had the pleasure to go on a media tour host by the Regional News Hub.

October 17, 2010


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I have an odd hobby.  I'm fascinated by the relationship between geography and phenotype. I'm amazed that you can reliably predict someone's national ancestry just by looking at them.

In pursuit of my hobby, I've aggregated thousands of hours of National Geographic,  6 o'clock news, PBS, and Discovery channel footage into a tidy mental database of phenotypes and their corresponding national origins. This database undergirds my odd hobby and it also compels me to ask people who look like they are from distant lands to explain what distant land they are from exactly.