May 19, 2010

Too Cool

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My dad was never around when I was a kid. But in my imagination. He dressed just like this.

I saw this gentleman leaving the Motown Hoedown  with his three small children in tow (you can see their reflection in his left lens; my reflection in his right).

I stepped in front of the familial procession:

"I have to take your picture. You are too cool."

"Just me?"

"Just you. Say. What were you doing around springtime 1978?..."

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Tafari said...

Haha! My dad live in Alabama & I didn't see him for years; 8 years to be exact.

I recalled his features in my head & all time time when I saw men that looked at him, I always thought, there's my dad.

Homeboy in this photo is "too cool" and what if he is y' real daddy? Damn. LOL!!!

The People of Detroit said...


though he wasn't around when I was a kid, I have met my pops as an adult.

Unfortunately, that fucker aint nearly as cool at this guy. Plus, he's apparently a better dad also, as he was out with his kids :)

Tafari said...


Because of my less than perfect father son relationship & distance, I work extra hard to be all them to my daughters. That stuff matters.

Here we are grown men & reminiscing on what we didn't have. Fathers are mos def important. Good fathers that is

Unknown said...

Love the too cool dude! I was fortunate to have a wonderful adoptive father at an early age when he married my mom, but he wasn't nearly as fly as this cat. But fly to me just the same. RIP dad!

The People of Detroit said...

Aww Deadra, Its so important to have good parents in your life.. be them blood or otherwise. :)

Unknown said...

1978 - me too. And I'm lovin my thirtys.