August 28, 2010

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What's happening good people. I went to the People's Art Festival today. A lot of cool art and most importantly a lot of cool, artistic people.

One such person is Pryncess of Pullup Studios. She had some of her art on display at the festival. I also noticed something else she had on display,

"You have stunning eyes. But I bet you hear that all the time, eh?"

"Well, they usually say 'beautiful'"


Note to playa self: "stunning" is a good way to describe bee stings and tasers. Ladies, however, prefer "beautiful."

Check and check.

In any event, I'm glad I took the time to check out the People's Art Festival. It felt good to be around people who are roughly interested in the same things I am, because lately, I've been frustrated with Detroit.

As I've said before, its not the most cosmopolitan of places. Most of its current residents are the decedents of people who migrated here from Alabama to work in the auto factories.

For most of those migrants, their interests did not extend outside of their everyday experience. Since most children inherent their cultural interests from their parents, that non-interest in anything that lies beyond one's everyday experience has promulgated through successive generations of Detroiters.

As a result of this promulgation, the Ghosts of Alabama sometimes reach into the present to annoy the shit out of me.

I was recently in a cool lil restaurant in Detroit. I ordered a some spinach, rice pilaf, and blacken chicken. When it came, the 50-something-year-old woman who had been standing over my shoulder for the past 10 minutes decided to provide me some cautionary advice:

"Ooh! Ooh! I don't want to say anything, but if I was you, I'd send THAT BACK! It burnt!"


Now, if that had been the only such experience I had had recently, I probably would have chuckled and kept it pushing. But between the never-ending cacophony of self-righteous, so-called religious people making thinly veil threats against my eternal soul because I disbelieve in their particular imaginary god-being and marching hoards of people who seem to be actively disinterested in learning anything, I was particularly unreceptive to her culinary admonishment.

"It's supposed to be that way," I replied cooly with just a pinch of assholery.

I mean, if you "don't want to say anything," there's a easy way to prevent that: by shutting the fuck up.

Furthermore how is it that in your 50-plus countrified years on the planet earth you never encountered the conventions of Cajun food?

For neverever. For neverever?

I mean, shit, I'm no Alistair Cooke, I grew up on welfare in Highland Park -  a part of metro Detroit that other people in Detroit make fun of, but damn, I watch PBS (when I was looking for the YouTube link for Mr. Cooke, I realized that PBS is where I got my archetype for the uber-cultured snob from in the first place).

I like knowing shit. I like knowing how art, music, and food is experienced across the human diaspora. I suppose that's what frustrates me when I encounter so many people who seem to have no interest in any of the above.

Then again, maybe its not Detroit. Maybe most people in general are disinterested in "knowing shit."  I'd love for readers in other places to weigh in with their impressions.

Is the Ghosts of Alabama EVERYWHERE? :(

In any case, I've learn that you have to actively seek communities of likeminded people. Which is why I'm going to make an effort to always check out the many great summer art festivals that happen in Detroit.

As a matter of fact, I'm going back to the People's Art Festival tomorrow...

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Warped Mind said...

It isn't just Detroit. And yes the ghosts of Alabama, Kentucky and everywhere else where people don't want to think there just might, just might be something else.

rasinbrandi said...

"the never-ending cacophony of self-righteous, so-called religious people making thinly veil threats against my eternal soul because I disbelieve in their particular imaginary god-being and marching hoards of people who seem to be actively disinterested in learning anything"......Noah, why are you so great?? hahhaa!

P.s. the blackened chicken story was even better the 2nd time around!

mallit18 said...

Ahhh @Countrified! Love it! You know, that same frustration was one of the main reasons why I left because like yourself I have a huge interest in "knowing shit" but having that interest always got me labeled as "weird", "uppity", or "earthy" (which I hate, why the labels? Ya know)? I tried my best to stay up on the cool events by reading the Metrotimes, Model D Media, various networking events but I STILL ran into folks like that. Or the turnout was wack, or the ratio of women to men was extremely unbalanced, or there wasn't enough diversity (either all black or all white, and no in between). I was so frustrated because there is SOOOOO much to experience and running into people, especially black folks, like that annoyed me. But the interesting thing is that I met a woman this past Friday who was born and raised in NY and she said she never really left her neighborhood and she's 36! I was so taken back by that, here? In NY? How is that possible, but it goes beyond that. She said that now she's trying to get out of the same ole same ole but has trouble with her friends and family thinking outside the box,too. It seems like it's a black thing, that we have some fear of stepping outside our comfort zone, moreso than others. I'm not sure if this statement is true but it feels that way. So I decided to move to a place where there is a higher number of people willing and interested in experiencing life and constantly on that path to "knowing shit".

Megan said...

No doubt there are places where more people are into "knowing shit", but I imagine less because they are actually intellectually curious and more because they like to give the appearance of being so. As frustrating as it can be to deal with so many actively ignorant people, I try to remind myself that in the midwest it's a million times easier to find the people who are genuinely passionate about learning and knowledge... Not just putting on airs.

Pick your poison, I suppose. Or become a hermit. But your photography captures humans, not landscapes. Human flaws are part of the contract, right?

Unknown said...


I'm still wiping tears from my eyes over "It burnt." LMAO!!

Oooh mercy.

ANYHOO... you know I share your frustrations, so we're in agreement there. I didn't know of this People's Art Festival, though. I wish I had. I'd have tried to go as well.

Finally, another great image. A great example of "When Incorporating Flare Goes RIGHT." lol

Unknown said...


She looks familiar to me. Can't figure out from where, though.