August 14, 2010


Canon EOS 7D | Canon 35mm f/1.4 | Available Light
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The young man pictured here is a Navy recruiter; as you may have gathered from my incredibly creative title.

People in uniform represent the larger institutions that, for better or worse, define civilization.  I've wanted to include some of these people for sometime. I thought this brother was a good first candidate.

This is also my first serious entree into black and white conversion. I wanted to take the opportunity to apply some of my post-processing regiment toward a completely different output. Tell me what you think.

And by "tell me what you think", I mean tell me you like it. And that I'm awesome. And that I smell good.

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Warped Mind said...

You are awesome and you smell good. Really good.

The People of Detroit said...

LOL Debra. Mission accomplished!

Khalid said...

How do you like the 35mm 1.4?

The People of Detroit said...

Hey Khalid. I like it very much. It never comes offa my camera actually.

I think it's the most versatile focal length for the crop cameras (its the equivalent of a 50mm on a full frame).

And it's sharp wide open at 1.4. Take a look at Brandi Loves Detroit:

That was shot at 1.4.

Short answer: I love it

mallit18 said...

I lovee black and white pics so yes I like it, and yes your blog is awesome...haven't smelled anything yet, soo...?