June 17, 2010

Stylist | Make-Up Artist

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So, I went by 1515 Broadway coffeehouse to left Crystal know I posted her photo.

There were a couple of folks in there. One young lady was in the city from L.A. I asked her name.


"Like a smaller part of a larger story?"


"Are you the first born child?"

"Yep, why do you ask?"

"Well, it would be kinda messed up to name a kid Vignette and then not have no more kids. Then people would be like "where's the rest of the story?" Your parents were obviously optimistic"

She giggled a little at that. A charming young woman but not a Detroiter per se. So I turned my attention to the other young woman in the shop.

And that is the young woman you see pictured above.

Sharon is a stylist and make-up artist who immigrated to metro-Detroit at 16 from Puerto Rico. We had a really cool conversation about the differences between the two places - especially the weather.

"You must have hated your first winter."

"I still do!"

Well, that's no surprise. I've never met a migrant from the tropics that liked cold weather. Especially not a woman. Actually, I've never met a woman from anywhere that had a concept of "too hot."

Seriously. I've never heard a woman say "Hey, why don't you turn the heat down?"

Matter of fact, if you are dating a woman and she suggests you take a shower together, that should be considered pre-meditated battery cause she knows good and damn well she's gonna have the shower set to Burn a Baby hot.

But I digress.

Sharon never became much of a fan of the winter weather, but she did say she loves summer in the D. She talked about how much she and her friends like to bike around downtown in the summer and then go down to the Riverwalk to relax, read a book, and maybe have a couple of sips of wine.

I told her about a large, male co-worker who works downtown but who has never spent a single afternoon walking around and doing some of the things Sharon likes to. He has these notions about about some sheathed menace that lies in wait, anxious to envelop him the second he steps out on Jefferson Ave.

Of course no such menace exists. As downtowns go, Detroit's is as safe as any other major city's. A fact Puerto Rico expat Sharon is well aware of.

Funny how sometimes the most accurate appraisals of a place come from one thousand miles away.

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mgindi.tumblr.com said...

"Funny how sometimes the most accurate appraisals of a place come from one thousand miles away."

like me w my project

love this photo. i'm really burnt out and sore and in a LOT of pain from work today. need to rest. just wanted to say i love the photo a lot.

might be going to rochester w chris buck on more ad work. yay money! but fuck dude, my body is beat to shit :( visit me in rochester lol

The People of Detroit said...

Maegan, Hey... I'm sure its a good pain, right?


Glad you are getting some more work with Buck, man. I'm sure you are absorbing all he has to offer. He is mad talented.

And thank you on the comment. This is one of my favorites also. Trying to do different things with these portraits when circumstances allow :)

I definitely have to come out there, sis.

Grace K. said...

Saw the feature of you on iamyoungdetroit. Just came by to gv you a pat on a back for a job well done. I love how iamyoungdetroit.com is exposing so many fantastic young ppl in the city. I've lived in the city of Detroit for three years now and I'm discovering new things everyday. Again, fantastic work. Keep it up!

C. Rae White said...

Is that you in the reflection?

The People of Detroit said...

StyLn, yes ma'am