June 21, 2010

River Days: Father and Daughter

Canon 7D | Canon 35mm f/1.4L | Available Light
Canon EOS 7D | Canon 35mm f/1.4 | Available Light

River Days is an annual festival on the Detroit riverfront that takes place Father's Day weekend.  That being the case, I figured it would be appropriate to photograph some fathers and their children.

I approached this young man and his daughter and explained the project to him. Normally when I do so, people are usually nice enough to humor every pause in my spiel with a perfunctory head nod. But I was about three or four pauses into it and my man's head was completely upright.

Shit made me kinda nervous. Why was he being so got damn unaccommodating? Did he think I was some kinda weirdo baby picture pervert? Finally, he broke his nonresponsiveness:

"How much are you charging?"

Ohhh! He didn't think I was a pervert! He thought I was a sentimental photo profiteer! What a relief.

Once I explained that the only charge was a moment of his and his daughter's time, he was more than happy to oblige.

Full disclosure: I'm not COMPLETELY sure the little girl he was with was ACTUALLY his daughter. I just assumed so because who walks around with kids unless they are genetically obligated to do so? I know I don't. Then again, I'm a terrible person.

[The next few images will come from the River Days festival. Hope you all likey.]

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LATE BREAKING UPDATE: I Am Young Detroit is a wonderful project that profiles Detroiters younger than 40 who are having an impact on the city. They were nice enough to feature me this week. And it really made me feel good.

But seriously, this project demands a dramatic about of my time and energy. Its really nice to know what I am doing means something other people - maybe to the city as a whole. That goes a long way toward reinvigorating me to keep it coming

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Unknown said...

OMG, Hilarious....I love your quirky comments. You have an asshole'ish quality thats slightly appealing but hey I'm attracted to assholes and its not for everyone LOL