May 4, 2010

Student | Rocker

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Earlier in the project, I mentioned that Detroit is home to a renown research university. The name of said institution is Wayne State University.

I've wanted to include some students in my project for sometime, so after work today, I rode my bike up to the campus. I was up there for 30 minutes or so and was about to pack up and go home until I saw a young woman with vibrantly red hair.

I've noticed that I'm drawn to red-haired women. Now,  I'm not going to say that being 4 years old, and taking a bath, and my sister's Strawberry Shortcake doll accidentally falling from a shower shelf and landing atop my bare, wet, naked baby-crotch has anything to do with it, but what do I know.

I'm no neurologist.

Naw, but for real.  I'm sure I passed any number of red-haired women that I didn't want to photograph. However, Molly had a certain nonconformist funkiness in her overall presentation that hinted at a personality that was a break from the norm.

For me, that's what this project is all about. Highlighting people who live, work, study, and play in Detroit who shatter the popular notion of what a Detroiter is.

So, I stalked Molly for about 2 blocks and finally told her about the project and asked if I could photograph her.

When she told me that she was in a rock band, I knew my hunch was well-founded. I gave her a card.  I hope she checks back so we can learn more about HER art.

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