April 29, 2010


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Centaur Bar is without a doubt my favorite place to be in my nocturnal spare time. As the name suggests, it has a mythological motif, with floor-to-ceiling, cubist murals of centaurs and other scenes inspired by ancient Greece.

The interior is enveloped in dark mahogany wood accented with deep red fixtures. There is a chandelier that pierces the top level to make an impression on the ground floor.

Even amid these cosmopolitan trappings, the waiters and waitresses are mad down-to-earth, cool people.

It really is a nice place to hang.

So, it didn't take much convincing when my good friend Candice Facebooked a demand that I and a few other people meet up there this past Thursday for a lil after-work revelry.

And revel we did. 

Candice is the kinda person who is the nexus through which all other people are introduced. True to form, I met Brian and Peni through Candice that night. I took my camera out to test out a few low-light, high ISO shots. Brian asked a few questions about the camera's capabilities. And I thought it as good a time as any to put them to the test.

This portrait is one of the resulting photographs.

After I merged and flatten the seven or eight Photoshop layers that went into making this portrait, I thought...

"Shoulda called it 'Party People.'  'Revelers' sounds mad pretentious""

Then I decided against my second guessing for the following reasons:

1.  Party People don't wear nice suit jackets.
2. "Revel" better describes what we all should do in every moment.

Revelers it is.

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