May 28, 2010

Graphic Artist

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You know how people - well, I was going to attempt to be gender neutral, but I have honestly never heard a man say this - you know how women say,

"I don't dress for anyone but myself!"

Bull ish. I've always held that everyone dresses for other people, because everyone understands that clothing is a form of non-verbal communication. This project has gone a long way to confirm my hypothesis.

While I was out on the Riverwalk  with Maegan ,  I saw a young man who's attire suggested a creative, artistic personality.

I approached him, told him about the project and he allowed me to snap a few frames.

Now, I have previously stopped strangers and neglected to get any information about who they were - occupation, interests, etc.  I now make sure to explain that I caption the photos for the project. I then ask for the person's input on how their portrait should be titled.

"I'm a graphic artist."

This hypothesis is growing into a bona fided theory. I will reveal further evidence for my theory in the next portrait :)

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Tafari said...

Asking them how it should be titled should be a fun element to incorporate.

The background here really makes this interesting.

Thinking Bigger Living Wiser said...

Damn Noah, how do you manage to make everyone you shoot look so beautiful? Seriously? Loving your art, but I think I said that before :)- ebony s.

The People of Detroit said...

Tafari, I thought about cloning the people out in the back ground, but now that I look at it, they add a certain symmetry.

Ebony :) Thank you sister. I really appreciate that you are enjoying it. I think they are beautiful already, I just have to capture it.

blinkofaneye said...

Thank U for photographing Kwame and highlighting as one of the many gorgeous faces of our city. He is a very talented man and stands out in many ways. Great work!

The People of Detroit said...


Its obvious even to a stranger like myself that he is good people. Thank you for vouching for the brother.

Hope you guys had a good time at the Riverwalk. Thanks for letting me intrude on your evening :)