May 29, 2010

Independent Hatter

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The goal of my project is to highlight people in Detroit who have interesting occupations, interesting stories or, at the very least, interesting faces.

Finding people with interesting occupations is fairly straight forward: you go to the place where they work or study. Interesting faces can be found using an albeit subjective but nonetheless straight forward appraisal process.

But as you can imagine, it is exceedingly more difficult to pick people out of a crowd who have interesting stories.

Luckily, as I mentioned in the Graphic Artist post, a person's clothing often provides an insight into their personality, interests, and story.

The gentleman you see pictured above is a prime example of this theory.  In fact, he is wearing his story on his head.

This is Mac of Mac's Hats.  I saw Mac down on the waterfront with his daughter and something about his appearance signaled to me that he was a good person to include in The People of Detroit.

It turns out Mac was laid off from his retail job with a well-known local clothier (I want to say Sims, but I'm not 100 percent sure).  In that minor tragedy, he saw an opportunity. He used being laid off as the impetus to star his own line of hats. He was wearing one of creations in the photo above.

I told Mac that sometimes it takes a loss to push us toward something that truly fulfills us. Mac said it has been a slow burn, but that he was truly loving the process of working toward building something of his own.

I think he's gonna do well for himself. I can tell by looking at him.

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