September 6, 2010


Canon EOS 7D | Canon 35mm f/1.4 | Available Light
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As I've mentioned earlier in this project, the downtown summer festival season is one of my favorite things about Detroit.

One of the last festivals of the season is the Detroit International Jazz Festival. Detroit is a city full of music lovers and that was wonderfully evidenced by the throngs of people with collapsible chairs moving around downtown this Memorial Day weekend. Jazz fans were everywhere.

One of those jazz fans turned out to be my good friend Bruce. I met Bruce several years back through my good friend Tracy. Tracy met him through an Ecuadorian immigrant named Dona Lola - the former proprietor of a Ecuadorian restaurant that bore her name (seafood mofongo from Dona Lola's was the first time I learned never to judge a sea-animal by it's cover: squid might not very appetizing but damn if it isn't tasty in that dish).

Bruce is Dona Lola's son, a painter, and a generally all-around good guy.  I ran into him just as I was about to pack up and leave for the day and he was nice enough to let me do some more experimenting with shooting a backlit subject into the sun without any fill flash.

There's something about sun flare that really makes me happy. It's as if you can feel the life-giving light enveloping the person in the photo before it is relayed and reissued to you through your computer monitor.

Since the sun is responsible for the sustained existence of life on earth more than any other single factor, you can imagine why even seeing a digital representation of it evokes a certain primal sense of well-being.

At least that's my take on it.

So, yea. This is Bruce (good guy) and the sun (also a good guy).

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mallit18 said...

I agree how beautiful pictures are with the sun showing HER face on them :) Oh and I'm sure the Jazz FEST was amazing! This would be the first one that Ive missed in years.

Great pic!