September 9, 2010

At the DIA

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The Detroit Institute of Arts is one of my favorite places in the city. It is a repository for work by some of the world's most noteworthy artists. They even have a couple of names an art history ignoramus such as by myself would recognize like Picasso, and shit.

So, I went there on Wednesday with the intention of capturing some art lovers. I also was looking for a part of the museum that would lend itself to a nice portrait.

I came across this long hallway that was lit to the camera right by a glass-enclosed staircase and I took a picture of my hand in roughly the place where I wanted my subject to appear.

It looked right. Now all I needed was a subject.

That's when the young man pictured above and a friend happened down the hallway.

This is Zack K. Hewitt, a Center for Creative Studies art student and illustrator with Gypsy Kings Tattoos. I thought his plaid, gray shirt would look really good against the similarly neutral background and red carpet. I also thought he also had a really cool look in general.

I asked him about taking his portrait and he was most that open to the idea. Really cool people, Zack is.

Now here's the weird thing: I was looking at Zack's portrait last night, and his eyes seemed to follow me. And it seemed like he was moving a lil. I suppose that is appropriate for a picture of a man in a art museum; a lot of paintings seem to do the same thing. Nonetheless, I was a lil worried that it was just me...

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1 comment:

mallit18 said...

I will say it doesn't seem as if he's actually in the picture. It's like he was cropped into it, the pic seems two dimensional-esk, and yes his eyes do seem to be peering into my soul. Nonetheless I do like the the contrast of colors and whatnot. Great photo!