August 9, 2010

Psychologist | Writer

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This is Crystal Y. Coleman. She is a clinical psychologist and writer living here in our wonderful city. I met her on my way back from editing photos at my aforementioned favorite bar, Centaur.

When I saw her, she was passing through the construction scaffolding you seen in the background. I thought it would make for a nice background, so I asked if she would like to be included in TPOD.

Though she was a lil inhibited at first she was nice enough to ultimately let me photograph her.

By the way, in addition to helping people not be crazy (wonder if she can help me...), Crystal is also an aspiring writer. Check her out:

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Zig said...

She is also featured on my site: Favorite People of Detroit :) The big sister I never had

The People of Detroit said...

Zig, word? She seems like really good people. Glad to hear you agree! :)