June 12, 2010

Music Teacher

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Alright. As I mentioned in the Filmmaker | Musician post, I'm doing a four photo mini-series on that group of friends.

Here's the second portrait from that meeting.

This is Christen. According to the Info section of her Facebook page, she's a piano and saxophone instructor. She says she can teach both the musically inclined and those with little inclination for music.

What I love most about this photo is Miss Christen's radiant smile. This was the next to last frame that I made of her. She was kinda smiling conservatively at first; then I said something that provoked this wonderfully emotive expression.

I truly, truly love portrait photography. Smiles like this are why.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Noah, I agree wholeheartedly!! Miss Christen's smile is radiant. Thank you! Her photo, indeed, is evidence that "Detroiters" do not walk around "broken down and forlorn" (as many "outsiders" would say). So, to them I SAY . . . pay us a visit and come and see for yourself!!