June 2, 2010

Drummer Man

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Detroit is the kinda place where if you sit in one place for long enough, sooner or later every person you have every known in this piece will eventually walk past.

That's either a good or a bad thing depending on who you have ever known.  Luckily, I've known alotta interesting, talented, good people.

Quentin Dennard II is one such person.

I met Quentin a good 7 years ago through my good friend Tracy. II hadn't seen him in at least that much time until a couple of weeks ago when I was was sitting over in Campus Martius when he happened by.

Quentin is a bit of a musical polymath. He's a talented producer, recording engineer and drummer among a bevy a other music-related things. He's performed at Carnegie Hall and has worked with artists spanning the gamut from Cash Money rapper BG to Detroit's own Aretha Franklin.

People like Quentin embody all that is best with creative, young Detroit. I'm glad I sat in one place long enough to run into him again.

[Visit Quentin at his Myspace page]

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