May 26, 2010

Visual Artist

Canon 7D | 35mm 1.4 | Ambient Light

The best thing about a camera, is you can ask total strangers to take their picture and then they can come to your house on the night you are supposed to post their picture and they can distract the shit out of you while you are trying to meet your self-imposed deadline by blurting out stupid funny shit like:

"Chicken is the only animal you can eat, before that mutha fucka is even born."

Such is the story of my man Lamar. I met him while I was out hanging with a photographer from New York who I met the day before, after she approached me in Eastern Market asking what lens I had on the 7D.

She's in this picture also in the out of focus back ground. As is the Educator | Mentor from this series. They are also actually in my apartment as I try to compose this post.

I like making new friends.

In addition to being funny as shit, Lamar is also a visual artist. Check his work out here:

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Tafari said...

I love the bokeh in this image. Night time bokeh is the best IMO.
Wow, LAmar has some stunning pieces on his site!!!

The People of Detroit said...

This is one of the few shots I've done at night. I've been afraid of shooting at night because of the weird color casts from the artificial lighting.

But, using the Curve tool, I was able to pretty much bring the colors in the image into something that looks natural.

And yea I agree. Lamar has some dope stuff for sure! said...

Noah! This is such a great photograph. I know I've said this before (aka last night when I was THERE) but you definitely have an eye for someone who is so new to photography. You "get" composition and you have a defined style for sure, at least in this self-imposed project. I'm envious a little, because I still feel like I don't have a specific "style." I can't wait to see everything else you come up with! You make some good shit.

MissMyco said...

This is a cool photo... Night shots are a good look for you!

Lamar was a good choice...

The People of Detroit said...

Maegan-rama! :) I really appreciate your feedback, young lady. I know it comes from someone who is frank and well-informed.

I think your style emerges as an amalgalm of all your influences and what personally looks good to you. I think you are likely to find yours during the course of your project also.

I'm really really proud of you for having the gumption to understand what you are doing. I can't wait to see the photos.

Hey MissMyco. Thank you so much! I agree, he was. I'mma have to do more night time shoots for sure :)

Dave said...

Hilarious. This post made me laugh out loud.

Unknown said...

the colors in this photo are amazing!

Unknown said...

Poets say that in order to be a better writer, you should - no - you must read other's writing. They say that as you learn and gravitate towards those whose work you truly admire, you will develop your personality into the writing that flourishes on behalf of this wonderfully intertwined inspiration.

I look at your photographs and they have the instant ability to make me want to take more picutures. I especially like your work with people - getting to know them, finding their story and making it somehow an integral part of each photo you post. Well done, one thousand times over!

And to think that you are so young in your photographical development... I admire all your photos and look forward to reading and seeing more of your posts.

Thanks for sharing these for everyone to read and enjoy.

BTW: how I found you - while shopping for a new lens on Amazon, I browsed the submitted photos for the 35mm L lens and there they were. A little Google action and BAM - a great find. Didn't end up buying the 35L because of economic shorcomings, went with the 50mm 1.6 instead. Its on my wishlist though!