April 18, 2010

Business Cyclist

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On Sunday, I paid a visit to my favorite bike shop, the Wheelhouse Detroit Bike Shop where I had the pleasure to meet Larry;  a cyclist, businessman, and Detroiter.

Never one to waste a chance at making a stranger feel alienated and repulsed by me, I almost immediately engaged Larry in a discussion about religion, race, and politics.

I have to say. I like Larry. His affect is as direct as his stance in this portrait. Although  we did not see eye-to-eye on a couple of topics, I for the most part felt a kindred spirit in Larry.

Best of all, even after somewhat controversial conversation, he still permitted me to make his portrait.

Additional Information About the Location:

The first photo in the People of Detroit series, "Outlier," was photographed in downtown Detroit's Campus Martius. Campus Martius opened in 2004 just prior to Detroit's hosting of Superbowl XL in 2005.

Since opening, it has served as the nexus of downtown Detroit's revival. In fact, it was recently recognized by Urban Land Institute as the first ever recipient of the Amanda Burden Urban Open Space Award.  The award recognizes public spaces that catalyze positive change in the surrounding community.

That being said, I felt there is some poetic symmetry in the second photo taking place on the Riverwalk - a development that I consider the twin sister to Campus Martius.

Like Campus Martius, the Riverwalk has become a public space that draws metro Detroiters of all stripes to its common pavement. It's truly one of the things I enjoy most about Detroit.

If you're in the city, be sure to stop by The Wheelhouse, rent (or buy) a bike and enjoy the waterfront.

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