May 25, 2010

...Camera Owner

Canon EOS 7D | Canon 35mm f/1.4 | Available Light
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This is the companion photograph to Camera Holder...

For anyone unwilling or unable to view the first photo in the mini-series, I'll offer a brief recap:

I saw two young women. One young woman was holding a camera.  Since cameras are only third to babies and dogs on the scale of top excuses to talk to strangers, I took the opportunity to ask if she was a photographer.

She explained that she was just the Camera Holder and that the young woman you see pictured above was the photographer.

I love to see young people take an interest in the powerfully cathartic pastime that is photography.  I'm in my very early 30s. I wish I had gotten into photography when I was this young woman's age (I would guess she was no older than 23).  It might have helped me alleviate a lot of anxiety.

In any event, its good to see young people out on the streets of Detroit looking for the light. Although, I must say I am a little disappointed that this whippersnapper was using the completely wrong brand of camera...



Unknown said...

You're so right about photography being an outlet for an artistic talent that is available to nearly everyone in the age of digital.

You say wrong kind of camera, what was she using?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you have a site now? Or did you always have this and I just didn't know? Anyway, I'm liking this project more and more. It's a nice alternative to all the negative stuff out there about my home. I wasn't able to get the link to work for the "camera holder" picture, so I'll go find that on Flickr or Facebook. Very good work, old man.

The People of Detroit said...

Aidan. I was joking about her shooting Nikon :)

In reality, Nikon and Canon are virtual equals - but you know, people get emotionally vested in their gear :0

Mike.. hmmm... since about last week. I've been posting from it like nuts on facebook. I guess people are missing the posts :)

tanya Simpson said...

Great stuff Noah.
Hmm. Maybe I should just invest in a real camera to shut everyone up who keeps telling us to get pregnant or buy a dog! LOL!

The People of Detroit said...

Tanya, its a challenging, but rewarding hobby.

They want yall to make a little person, eh? :)

Unknown said...

Couldn't agree more - it's an effective outlet indeed. And I too have a long rooted passion for Canon..