May 20, 2017

The People of Detroit: 50 Years Later

An example of how portraits in this series will look.

Were you a witness to, participant in, or otherwise directly affected by the 1967 #Detroit riots? If not, do you currently live within 1.5 miles of 12th and Clairemont []?
The People of Detroit would like to photograph and interview you for "50 Years Later." The project explores how the riots continue to impact life in Detroit. Photos from the project will be shown internationally on a high-profile platform. Please respond to this post or email: Please share this post with people who may be interested.
We would especially like to hear from people who participated in the riots. We'd like to know why you decided to participate. If you are uncomfortable speaking candidly, your identity can be hidden.
[The photos by Noah Stephens included in this post are an example of how the series will look. Each subject will have one close-portrait and one narrative-driven, environmental portrait].

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