December 28, 2011

Mystery Solved

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In the Mysteries and Enigmas post, I introduced you to a young woman I happened across in John K King Used and Rare Books. The place is an amazing repository for books - and for repressed childhood emotional trauma (Confused? Read the original post).

Tracy was kind enough to let me photograph her. We spent about 20 minutes doing so. Yet, because I am such an amazing scatterbrain, I failed to get Tracy's contact info. I wasn't even sure exactly as to how her named was spelled.

Luckily, I gave her a card and she was nice enough to look me up on Facebook. With that, I was able to put the mystery of how her name was spelled to rest. To commemorate the resolution of this mystery, I figured I'd process one the shots from that day that showed Tracy's face (she's obscured by bookshelves in the original post).

There you have it. Tracy Chase: book store patron, martial artist, woman with the name of an action hero, and all-around cool-ass chick.

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T1 said...

It's great that she was able to find you and finally solve one of the great mysteries of this site. Also,this photo and Tracy are very easy on the eyes.

Unknown said...

Nice work. Your work reminds me of the 100 Strangers challenge but you really take it to the next level.