June 23, 2010

Lone Tigers Fan

Canon 7D | Canon 35mm f/1.4L | Available Light
Canon EOS 7D | Canon 35mm f/1.4 | Available Light

I sometimes complain about how difficult it can be to find people to photograph in Detroit. The population of the city peaked in 1950 at 1.8 million people. Currently, the city has fewer than 900,000 residents.

Since the city is more or less at half of its capacity, the streets aren't exactly overflowing with potential candidates for the project.

When I've moaned about this to friends, they've suggested that I try to photograph sport fans at one of the Red Wings, Tiger, or Lions games that take place at venues in downtown Detroit. Sensible advice. As least so it seemed.

The idea candidate for this project is much like the ideal candidate for a South American professional kidnapping: attractive, loved by a vast network of friends and family, and alone. It makes for a really awkward moment when you approach a group of people with the intention of photographing one of them...

"If you could stand right there..the light is perfectly above and to your right..

(group of four starts to shuffle their feet in unison to match my directions...)

... oh. Ha! Yea... I meant only her..


Since no one but a universally unloved LOSER goes to a sporting alone, sporting events have proven to not be the ripe hunting grounds that I imagined they would be.

Which is what makes this photo so special. I was packing up the ole camera down the street from Comerica Park when this young woman walked pass.

Now, a lot of women reflexively start shaking their head "no" the moment I say "excuse me..." Which I understand. They probably think I'm trying to kidnap them. Sometimes I wish I could telepathically assuage their inhibition:

"Hey dollface. I don't want to kidnap you, baby. I just want to use my camera machine to steal your soul"

But alas telepathy only works in X-Men movies. Luckily, no telepathic pimp talk was needed to get this young woman to participate. I asked and she obliged.

Then she walked across the street to join her boyfriend. Not alone after all...


Anonymous said...

I came upon your blog completely by accident and I am so glad I did! I think what you're doing is amazing. I take photographs of Detroit too but I never thought to take pictures of Detroiters. Keep up the great work! It's truly inspirational :)


The People of Detroit said...

Hey Heart T. I'm glad you enjoy it!