May 31, 2010

Cigar Connoisseur

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I'm the kinda of person who has what I suppose is a common face. I say that on account of someone is always telling me that I look just like their cousin, brother, uncle, nephew, and/or childhood best friend.

So I guess it's no surprise that after a long day of trying to rustle up images of interesting people, I was unlocking my bike from in front of the 1701 Executive Cigar Bar when the gentleman picture above asked,

"Hey! Where do I know you from?"

As is my custom, I began to enumerate the various eras of my life and their corresponding institutions in search of a common history.

High school? Nope. College? Nope. Childhood neighborhood. Nada.

Though we never solved the mystery of my familiar face, we did manage to agree on taking a portrait as he was on his way into the cigar bar.

So there you have it. An exceedingly friendly - albeit complete unfamiliar - cigar connoisseur.

[p.s. I hope I don't never look like someone who just robbed a bank...]


Tafari said...

As a Black man, you are more than likely to fit a composite sketch at least twice in your life.

Just saying.

The People of Detroit said...

Tafari, sad but true.