May 8, 2010

The One

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A couple of Saturday afternoons ago I set out around downtown looking for a interesting person to put in front of my lens. It was cool and cloudy and there were not many people out.

The stylishly-attired young man picture above, Antoine,  was "the one" person who drew my attention.

Well, that's not completely true. But that somewhat abbreviated narrative does help justify the title of the picture and the Matrix-inspired processing.

The unabridged version: Antoine was the first person that caught my interest but he wasn't alone. He came into the 1515 Broadway coffee shop with his girlfriend, a male friend, and the male friend's girlfriend (I'm sure there is a more grammatically succinct way of itemizing his companions, but I'll be damned if I can think of it right now).

In truth, they were all pretty interesting; I just narrowed it down to Antoine to keep with the more or less one-person-per-portrait theme.

So, once I noticed the group in the shop, I quickly finished my cup, went outside, sat on a bench infront of the store, got my camera out of my bag and readied myself to approach them on their exit.

Coolest thing was, I didn't even have to. The other guy in the group asked what I was taking pictures of.

"Ya'll, if you don't mind..."*

"Anything for art.."

I love running into cool people, man. For a picture of the group, see below.

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