May 24, 2010

Camera Holder...

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I first got into photography about a year and a half ago at the conclusion of the most emotionally draining, pathological relationship I had ever taken part in.

I needed something to occupy my time and draw my attention away from my heartache and  photography proved to be the perfect outlet (fully how it seems like you are losing something so integral to who you are at the time - then when you look back, you realize losing that something was the BEST thing that could have happened).

Because photography has been such a powerfully therapeutic endeavor for me, I assume it is for others. I always smile when I see someone else out with a dSLR. 

It makes me especially pleased to see young people taking an interest in the art.  So many young folks in our city come from stressful circumstances. I like to imagine that photography provides the same catharsis for them as it does for me.

So when I came across two young women (probably no older than 23) out with a camera the other day, I knew I wanted to include them in the project. The young woman pictured above had the camera slung over her shoulder while the other young woman tended to the contents of the camera bag.

"So, you're a photographer?"

"Naw, I'm just the camera holder... She's the photographer..."

Up next: ...Camera Owner


Anonymous said...

AH! You didn't get the "D" on her hat in the picture! lol

The People of Detroit said...

I know, right? I wanted to get closer on her face, though. She had a awesome smile