"Nichole's Son" from the Detroit Food Desert project.

The #DetroitFoodDesert project was featured recently on First Block - a primetime news program from WDIV Local 4. Here's the TPOD's segment:

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July 11, 2012


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There are two weather conditions that make for great street portrait light: 1) overcast days when the sun's harsh light is scattered by clouds and 2) Sunset/sunrise when the sun's light is warm and directional but not too harsh as it is partially diffused by the oblique path it travels through the earth's atmosphere.
This is Iyende. She is a make-up artist and transplant from Ohio. She was kind enough to let me photograph her recently as the sun set on the city. I think Iyende photographs well, don't you?

Noah -

Noah Stephens  founded The People of Detroit Photodocumentary in April 2010 as a counterpoint to media fixated on despair and disrepair in the storied birthplace of American auto manufacturing. Since, TPOD has received national and international attention. Portraits from the project have appeared in Bloomberg BusinessWeek and other national publications. 

In early 2011, a creative director saw the project online and hired Noah to shoot an ad campaign for McDonald's Corporation in Shanghai, China. 

The People of Detroit Photodocumentary is funded in part by a grant from CEOS for Cities and the John S. And James L. Knight Foundation.


Debra Nickol said...

Beautiful photo

Troy said...

Noah, she does photograph well! One other thing I love here is the second shot. Of course, everyone is prepared for the camera to snap when they're looking into it, but sometimes the shot capture when the subject is not shielding their expression against the camera is the most revealing. Nice work!

Kimberly said...

Beauty is everywhere in Detroit. Noah always finds it and brings it to light. Amazing work.

kedmato said...

Beautiful woman, awesome photography!

Kenyon R said...

Beautiful....her eyes are so seductive.  Great picture.

Guest said...

I absolutely love the colors in the background and how they blend with her scarf and compliment her skin!  Were those colors part of the natural background where you took the picture or did you select them?  The first picture looks like she is in a fantasy land.  

ThePeopleofDetroit said...

Hey Guest,

Thank you! All of the colors in the photo were part of the original scene. However, I did selectively change their hue and duplicate them to other parts of the scene. Good question, by the way :)

Julie said...

These are beautiful shots! I'm loving the website...its great to see some good images/stories about Detroit. keep it up...I'd love to read more!

Delphiasimmons said...

She is a natural beauty for sure! You captured it!

Chris said...

Nice photograph Noah! Love the creamy bokeh in your images. These photographs are very personal. You are fortunate to be able capture these intimate pictures of strangers. Really makes you see the people of the world or more appropriately Detroit in a very cool way.