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December 24, 2011

A Wintry Encounter

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I was unlocking my baby the other day, when I was approached by a man named "Les." "Les" properly identified the make of my bike. He intimated that his son was also an avid biker.

He asked about my profession.  I told him that I take pictures and write about people for a living.

He then intimated that he also was a photographer. "Les" spent several years as the staff photographer for a local news station. "Les" engaged me in a discussion about our photographic philosophies. Surprisingly, they meshed rather well.

This, friends, is what we in the industry (I am a registered ninja) call an "affinity con."  That's when a clandestine inquisitor feigns common interests. Their goal is to siphon as much information out of you as they can.

No need for your polar spy tactics, "Les." I think we both know what you really wanted to ask:

I've been naughty.

But then, you already knew that, didn't you?

Happy Holidays to you and yours, dear reader. Hope to see you again in the new year.  

- Noah 


Claire Nelson said...

Gorgeous, Noah.

LG said...

I have a feeling some children are going to wake up to some satirical Christmas presents tomorrow morning, judging by the look on "Les'" face.

Kenyon4us said...

Very cool. Was it snowing in the background?

Unknown said...

Its Santa! Seriously though this is a great photograph.

The People of Detroit. said...

Hey everybody! Thank you guys!

Kenyon, at a point in history, absolutely!

Daniel Jay said...

Hands down my favorite picture to date. I aspire to your amazing photography.

Bethany said...

This is my favorite photo of yours, and one of my favorites by anyone anywhere. So incredible.

Les Walden said...

Paul Savage sent me a link to the photograph. I like the picture very much, but the copy is a clean miss.

My name is Leslie Walden (no quotes required), no confidence game--affinity or otherwise--was being played and I don't know why you thought so.

Les Walden said...

Noah, I am so embarrassed! I just figured out what the copy was about! Now if you can just return the bag of coal I left for you . . .

The People of Detroit. said...

LOL, Les, no apologies needed! Thanks so much for letting me take your picture, kind sir!